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Part 1: General introduction

Hien Tuyet Auto – The qualified and prestige company which supplies trucks and truck spare parts in Lang Son province as well as in Vietnam market.

Hien Tuyet Auto has transaction name of Hien Tuyet Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company. After many years working in the field of construction, Hien Tuyet Auto is one of the top construction companies in Lang Son province. Nowadays, the company has been seeking to become the biggest truck importer and distributor in Lang Son province and a powerful enterprise in Vietnam market.

The company’s head office is located in Son Ha town, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province. Over here the company has a truck showroom and a building material warehouse, convenient for customers in locality and neighboring provinces such as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, … Moreover in the company’s branch in Lang Son city, along National Road 1A section from Lang son city to Dong Dang town, the company has three units which exhibit and sell trucks with many different tonnage levels of the qualified truck brand names, such as: Howo, Hoka, Hoyun (of SINOTRUK – Guangxi, China), DongFeng (of DongFeng Group - Hubei, China), Hoa Mai, Faw, Truong Hai… Over the past nearly 20 years in the construction sector, and nearly 10 years in the import and distribution of trucks, the company has established the brand name "Hien Tuyet" on the ability of timely supply to the diverse demands of the market and also a reliable address for the quality of vehicles, as well as construction projects that the company has done. Currently, the company has been listed in the provincial representative enterprises by Lang Son’s Department of Trade, contributing to deploy the target of the socioeconomic development of Lang Son border economic zone.

On the rise, the Company always consistently pursues the motto "all for the benefit of customers”. Accordingly, the Company continually diversifies products to meet the demands of all customers; continues innovating the leadership, raise the level of staffs to serve customers best, and bring customers satisfaction with perfect after-sales services and warranty, maintenance conditions.

“Hien Tuyet Auto is always with you in every way”

Part 2: History of development

Hien Tuyet Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company was formerly Hien Tuyet Construction and Trading Co., ltd, established on December 30, 1994 with two main fields of construction and business on building materials.

In 2001, the Company expanded into the field of import, distribution of trucks, started with signing the agency agreement with Hoa Mai truck Co., ltd. This expansion has brought into the Company the breakthrough of sales turnover and created a new development key for the Company.

In 2008, after 7 years of successful business in trucks, the Company came into the decision of opening a new brand in Lang Son city. Along with this event, the year of 2008 is marked with a turning point in the development of the company when the company is converted from a limited company model into a shareholding company one.

Since then up to now, the main activities of the Company are import, distribution and maintenance services of trucks with all kinds of different tonnages. The Company always gives favorable conditions for customers, such as resolving bank loan procedures free of charge, supporting registration of vehicles….

The development targets of Hien Tuyet Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company are to build the automobile repair and maintenance branches in Lang Son and some other provinces in the coming years. In addition, with the experiences of direct import of trucks from foreign partners, the Company will also deploy business in distribution of passenger cars, luxury cars in Lang Son city.